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Zee World Update

Zara’s Nikah Zee world Teasers August 2020


Zara’s Nikah Teasers August 2020: Afterwards, on Shahbaz’s insistence, Khalid approaches Kazi Irfaan along with Shariya board members also decides to file a case against Kabir.


Zara’s Nikah August 2020 Teasers:

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 1 August 2020
(Episode 35)
Zara reaches the Shariya board office and learns that the girls have filed a case to fight for their faith to pray in the mosque. Kabir intervenes and asks Zara to keep away from spiritual matters but Zara refuses and says that being a woman doesn’t stop her from going into the mosque.

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 2 August 2020
(Episode 36)
Zara is shocked to find out that the girls intend to take back their situation as they don’t want to cause trouble involving a husband and wife. Upon persisting, they put a shocking condition in front of her.

Zara’s Nikah Monday 3 August 2020
(Episode 37)
Afterward, Zara asks her daddy for assistance in order to offer justice for Muslim women, but he turns down her request. During the meeting, Zara claims with Kabir and proves that Muslim women have the right to pray in a mosque. Following the hearing, Kafi Irfaan declares that women have equal rights to pray in a mosque. Afterwards, on Shahbaz’s insistence, Khalid approaches Kazi Irfaan along with Shariya board members also decides to file a case against Kabir.

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 4 August 2020
(Episode 38)
Despite their differences, Ayesha successfully attracts Zara and Kabir under precisely the same roof to observe Eid. Even though Rukhsar pays a surprise trip to Kabir’s loved ones, Nilofer devises a plan to embarrass Zara. Kabir soon apologises to Zara and educates her about the 3 surprises that he has planned for her. Meanwhile, the relationship between their parents gets strained. Afterwards, Zara makes a shocking revelation to Kabir.

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 5 August 2020
(Episode 39)
Nilofer, on the other hand, performs with the final card of her strategy while Shahbaz is brainwashed against Kabir and Zara. Ayesha refuses to testify against Kabir at the Sharia Board meeting. Kabir then justifies his actions and steps down from his article. Kabir’s resignation induces a chain reaction at the meeting as another members to follow his case.

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 6 August 2020
(Episode 40)
Kabir borrows some money from Miraj and goes to Zara’s house. While Zara’s loved ones are pleased about any of this, Kabir has something else on his head. Kabir drops a bomb on both the families with his decision regarding Zara. Because of this, Ayesha informs Kabir he has cut all ties with his mommy.

Zara’s Nikah Friday 7 August 2020
(Episode 41)
Kabir threatens Zara that he will fulfill the remaining two divorces with her soon. This leaves Zara depressed but she does not want to give up. Zeenath, who’s excited for Kabir and Zara’s divorce, meets Kabir’s father privately. He motivates Zeenath to create as many complications as she can between both.

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 8 August 2020
(Episode 42)
Soon, Zara uses reverse psychology to convince Kabir to behave like a husband for the next 30 days. When he advises Miraj he won’t be able to make it for the company trip, the authorities arrive there. Shahbaz goes to go to Zara’s parents to discuss something important. Despite many efforts, Zara fails to make Kabir happy. Later, he makes an odd request.

Zara’s Nikah Sunday 9 August 2020 
(Episode 43)
Kabir arrives with Zara at a social gathering where he intends to announce his new job related to vocational studies. But the moment the guests notice Kabir and Zara together, they are outraged and raise objections. One of the guests points out that a couple, that has been divorced should not be together.

Zara’s Nikah Monday 10 August 2020
(Episode 44)
Zara notices that Kabir is down with high fever and rushes into a hospital. The physicians diagnose Kabir using a lung disorder. Shahbaz and Zeenat blame Zara to get Kabir’s condition. Imran and Rima then instruct Zara to lie about what occurred.

Zara’s Nikah Tuesday 11 August 2020
(Episode 45)
Kabir and Zara share a romantic moment. Irrespective of the differences between them, Zara decides to take proper care of Kabir. However, Shahbaz tells Miraj and Zeenat to create misunderstanding between them. Kabir visits Zara’s house and apologises to Kazi for insulting him during the inauguration of Kabir’s business project. He further assures Zara’s father that he will mend his relationship with Zara.

Zara’s Nikah Wednesday 12 August 2020
(Episode 46)
Meanwhile, Nilofer and Miraj get intimate with each other simply to have fun. While passing by their room, Zara is shocked when she accidentally sees them. Nilofer tries her best to convince Zara into believing that she is Miraj’s sister but fails in doing so. Zara confronts her about her true identity and reveals something shocking.

Zara’s Nikah Thursday 13 August 2020
(Episode 47)
Miraj challenges Kabir into a round of arm-wrestling. While the duo reaches it, Miraj advises Kabir to move ahead and complete his divorce with Zara. Back at home, Zara feels guilty about what happened with Kabir and confides in Rima. To cheer Zara up, Rima informs her about Kabir’s surprise for her. The next day, Kabir overhears Miraj and Nilofer discussing their strategy to kill Imran and Amaan.

Zara’s Nikah Friday 14 August 2020
(Episode 48)
Zeenat stays indifferent to Zara but the latter finds her anxiety. If Zara asks her about it, she attempts to dodge the queries but ends up making a clue. As planned, Miraj sends Imran off with Niloufer to get a dinner date. Zara gives Kabir a ride on her bike around the porch of the home. She shortly hugs him excitedly, thanking him for such a superb present.

Zara’s Nikah Saturday 15 August 2020
(Episode 49)
Miraj tries to get Zara and Kabir killed in the guise of an collision, but Niloufer warns him against doing so. Miraj approaches Kabir’s daddy and suggests that a plan to help him attain his ambitions concerning the Sharia Board.

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