Man celebrates his girlfriend who’s serving 20 years jail-term because she refused to ‘snitch’

A man identified Gentril D Cole on Facebook, has taken to the platform to celebrate his girlfriend who is currently in jail serving a 20-year sentence.

Sharing photos of his girlfriend on his page he noted that he misses her and revealed she was jailed for refusing to ‘snitch’ to the authorities.

Cole called for the release of his heartthrob and assured her that she has nothing to worry about once she’s out, as he has put everything in place to ensure she enjoys a better life afterwards.

He also shared mugshot of her after the sentencing and captioned it,

“FREE My Baby Dey Gave My Baby 20 years Cus She Aint Tell Man I Miss Talkin To You Everyday Just Know You Will Always B My WCE n When You Get Where You Going You Good On BI Already Put My People’s On. Game 100. FREE Bae.”

See his post below,

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