Guest disappointed after stripper invited to entertain people at a party started dancing legwork (video)

A guest has expressed disappointment after a stripper who was invited to entertain people with sensual dance moves started started dancing legwork.

Guest disappointed

The man who shared the video online attended a house-party where strippers were invited to thrill guests, however when the DJ played an Afrobeat Jam, a stripper started dancing legwork.

The guest posted the video on Snapchat with the caption, “why stripper go dey de dance leg work. I was so upset”.

Watch below,

The video has gotten netizens talking on social media as some people opine that it was not possible for the stripper to dance sexy moves to the Afrobeat song the DJ was playing.

Some others stated that the guest shouldn’t have recorded the stripper because he was invading her privacy.

conleth_hills wrote, “The Dj is at fault ,you don’t expect her to twerk to that song”

queenofnaturemma wrote, “when I own a stripers night club, you dare not come in with your phone 📱”

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